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on average, most servers only require a fraction of their capacity to deliver business services. By utilising cloud based virtualised platforms, you not only save money but also the environment: the power consumption and cooling overhead attributed to a cloud based hosting is a fraction of the same footprint in a standalone implementation.

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10th July 2010

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We spend a lot of time reviewing our services, to balance new functionality with the associated cost and complexity of change. If you want something we do not offer, tell us.
1st November 2012

we have launched our upgraded ls:hosted web site!

We hope that the new layout and content is easier to navigate and more useful to our customers. Please feel free to send us any comments.

ls:hosted are specialists in cloud based office services, providing mail, storage and voice solutions to business users. Utilising enterprise based platforms hosted in secure data centres, ls:hosted deliver a familiar experience to users while removing hosting and support overheads to businesses, with benefits of flexible capacity and near-local performance.

The ls:hosted range of office solutions provide Microsoft Exchange based email, resilient role based storage and off site backup services. Complimenting our office solutions, ls:hosted voice solutions provide a hosted telephony platform delivering leased desk phones, voicemail services, and other standard PBX functionality with no requirement for initial capital investment.
Being cloud based, users no longer need to be desk based. And of course, no need for a data centre either. In fact, your IT requirements become as simple as selecting your solution and saying goodbye to the headache of hosting bills and service downtime.

ls:hosted is part of the LighteningSoft family.

Please take a look at our parent and siblings!
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